Chapter 3

Ringa Rongoa, was first to see true meaning brought by flame,

The Dragon breath, enhanced his strength, revealing his true name,

And as the flames of Dragons fire were spewed across his shield,

refinement came, true eyes to see, pure knowledge was fulfilled.

For his young daughter, weak of health, infirm, too sick to stand,

T’was God’s pure thought that came to him, to heal her with his hand.

His faith refined as he began to act in strength, and willed,

that soft young daughter back to whole, his calling now fulfilled.

Now clear his eyes, and pure his heart, force joined with loving wife,

Her key unlocked his pow’r to see, his purpose, destined life.

And with his eyes now open, and seeing clear the path,

His swords he named, the writing blazed, “God’s Fury”, and “Gods Wrath”

Both weapons fierce and mighty pure white steel, reflecting light,

that shone as striking lightning bolts when drawn before a fight.

the scabbards long were hung upon his side, displayed his might,

deterring foes, and fiends of darkness, within the mists of night.

Twin blades he wielded forcefully, and with both raised up high,

the lightning cracked from heav’n above! Burnt evil, sent to die.

The fiery light, From Godly home, rent minions, darkened souls,

and gave bright hope to languid hearts still bound in dark morose.

His power now increasing fast, and eyes clear from the haze,

the pupose now to guide the ones still struggling in the maze,

The light emitted from within his scabbord, hidden sword,

Would be enough, wild fire would come, ignited with his words.

Destined meeting, four together, something stirred one night,

a spark was kindled, by the tale of battle’s righteous fight.

for he had seen the power in his hands and in his swords,

and fed a feast to all who sat and listened to his words.

That night together stories shared between the brothers four,

inspired the search within them all for what their powers were.

For similar the fire and smoke of Dragon breath had blazed,

upon the shields of all of them, a fiery smoky haze.

Toa, Kaiako, and Manawa fueled by battle’s tale,

all looked upon their smoldering shields not bright, but soft and pale.

But soon increased intent to see what truly lay beneath,

the charred and blackened shields they’d used against the Dragon teeth.