Chapter 4 

Kaiako next to see his sword, and shield and weapons name, 

Discovered depth of thought and truth, for which he’d soon proclaim.

For strength in words and voice were his, the captured thundrous pow’r

To make all those who heard his cry, to know, to shrink and cower.

For fierce had been the dragon fire that charred him constantly, 

and all he saw was smoky bleak, alone he seemed to be.

But in the hour of fire, and heat, and smoke of blackened air, 

His warrior bride, stood by his side, his hour of deep despair.

And from the strength of two, emerged the writing on his sword, 

and understanding, pure had come by written holy words.

Gave him pow’r to overcome and take his new forged shield, 

and shout with voice of thunder, flaming sword he now did wield.

His sword was named, a statement made, to end all doubt and fear.

“I End My Message” was the name, as writing did appear.

The blinding fire of flaming sword lept from the hilt to tip,  

these flames emitting heat that melted evil’s icy grip.

Its platinum blade, and golden hilt, protected when encased, 

but drawn, its fire consumed dark fiends to black and ashen waste.

When drawn, however, purposefully, its flame brought more than ash, 

its heat was comfort, warmth, and courage, love and light at last.

The blade of whiteness, platinum sheen would draw all eyes to see, 

his sword of heavenly make it seemed, from God’s own armory.

The hilt, pure gold, with writing old, of ancient sacred writ, 

Gave power, sent minions cowering into the fiery pit.

For when raised up, its flame caught fire, igniting thunderous booms,

And all who fought against the light, were wary of the doom,

For all who saw the sword raised up, Its fiery flame ablaze,

had knowledge of the truth therein, loud thunder through the haze.