Chapter 2

All the land prepared to fight the evil seen, unseen,

the battles rage continuous, black smoke plumed blindingly.

Swords and daggers, armor, helms and shields constructed by the young,

To be refined amid the fire spewed from the Dragon’s tongue.

The brothers swords, created plain, just like all others were,

yet raw, unchallenged, roughly forged, and still their names a blur.

For naming weapons was the sign of knowledge of their worth,

Unnamed weapons-were as saplings small, just cresting from the earth.

4 brothers grew, and made their armor, swords, and helms of steel,

daggers, shields and banners too, but no names did they yet yield.

For lost was urgency of war, and numbed with apathy,

4 brothers, drifted on with life, not knowing what they’d be.

The brothers 4, ordained from birth had wed 4 warrior queens,

who had been placed, to fit their lock, unleash, they were the keys.

For, when together, fit as one, unbounded synergy,

receptacles for light’s embrace, and reflected energy.

The Sons, all named by influence, sent by the Gods own hands,

to guide, direct, and place them where they would upon the land,

The Eldest son, firstborn, Toa Nanakia was his name,

Interpreted meant “Savage warrior”, wild violence untamed.

The Second son was born in turn, Kaiako Mura he was named,

Interpreted meant “He who teaches with the fire and flame”

The Third Son came, received the name, Manawa Arahi,

Interpreted meant “Heart that Leads” to inspire powerfully.

The Fourth Son, Ringa Rongoa, His name upon his birth,

Interpreted meant “Hands that Heal” as lightning striking earth.

All grew together in their youth, untapped strength within them lay,

yet, they saw not the potent power of Godly fire and flame,

It lay within them dormant, this hidden strength and might,

But soon to be awoken, kindled, by desire to fight.

The Gods allowed the sons below to face the dragon fire,

To forge, refine, unveil the pow’r within their soul’s thick mire.

The writing on the swords was such, that only with the fire,

of dragon’s breath or minion’s dart, its name would be inspired.

For change within the armor showed when blasted by the heat,

and permanent the power that came, Gods judgment then to mete.

For weak before, but strength increased with time in scorching flame,

To then be ready to stand up defending God’s pure name.

The dragon fire rained down upon each brother one by one,

their separate power, not trained, but raw, was weak, and near succumbed,

In part to its vile, lying heat, yet from the vicious fire,

The armor held, refined in heat, renewed vigor, righteous ire!