About us

We are four brothers, and although we have many similarities, we are all very different.   Each of us are contributors to this blog and you’ll no doubt recognize the difference in experience, writing style, use of humor, etc. and I think all of that is good; because you’ll get more than one perspective on Jesus Christ, His gospel, His doctrines, principles, and applications and how all of that has helped each of us.

Colby lives in Arizona, Tyson lives in Utah, Casey lives in Idaho, and Riley also lives in Utah.

I (Tyson) think that I have the greatest brothers in the world and I want to share them with everyone because I think they have great advice, great experience, awesome stories, and they are funny and wise.

Hopefully this blog will bring you joy, happiness, laughter, and allow to you feel the love and light of the world and strive to be the best person that you can be.

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