My Sophie girl is turning eight!
Excitement’s in your eyes!
Your birthday’s come, you couldn’t wait,
To finally be baptized!

A constant smile across your face,
And plan for this whole day,
To be a special birthday race
For you, in just your way.

And even though the gifts you get,
Can bring some happiness,
They don’t compare, you won’t forget
Your heart swell in your chest!

As we descend in water clear,
in clothes so clean and white,
we’ll feel the Holy Spirit near,
And feel the Savior’s light.

You’ll promise with your little heart,
to His, so big and pure,
that you will follow, do your part,
And with His help, endure.

For even He, a perfect Man,
Lay down in water’s grave,
And thus fulfilling God’s command,
To willingly obey.

Then both together, we will stand,
in water clear and true,
And to the square I’ll raise my hand,
As Spirit fills the room.

And then I’ll hold you close to me,
Immersing down below,
And rise above, now pure and clean
And light as falling snow,

And then, the part I love the most,
my hands upon your head,
Confirming Gift of Holy Ghost,
God’s blessing will be said

And as you seek to use this gift,
Your heart will fill with love,
From Holy Ghost, our friend that lifts,
With strength sent from above.

And then you’ll grow up, time will fly!
but in my heart you’ll stay,
My little girl, in daddy’s eyes,
the one I see today.

I Love you Sophia!