We’re all familiar with the annual migration of Salmon swimming upriver. These Salmon expel every single ounce of energy in their effort to “migrate to greener pastures” to safely lay their eggs. Shortly after their eggs are laid, the fish that have actually reached their goal and destination die from the exertion of the trip itself. The journey for these fish is laced with myriads of pitfalls like fisherman, bears, hawks, polluted water, and competition from other fish that can prevent them from reaching their goal. This migration is of course necessary and is for the greater good of the species to continue its existence. In contrast let’s compare that to my hairline. The hair on top of my head as of a couple years ago seems to have started its own migration toward what it deems as “greener pastures” which seem to be located in my ears and nose. This totally gross aspect of aging is totally not cool and even worse, unlike the Salmon the hair on top of my head is not returning, rather, it’s dying off and headed for extinction! I see the logic and reason for the Salmon migration yet my hairline doesn’t realize it’s being deceived and that the “greener pastures” it’s migrating toward are really not greener at all! In fact, are leading to its demise!

Let’s take a look at our own migration pattern. There are two sides to this battle here on earth. These two sides have been at war, are at war and will continue to be at war until Christ returns. In this war you are on one side or the other and always in migration (never standing still). You are either heading deeper into your chosen side or closer toward the opposite side. There is no middle ground! There is only black and white. Your allegiance, your alliance, your time, your talents, your gifts and abilities are sought constantly and relentlessly by both sides to give their side strength to overcome the other. Here’s the kicker though… we all know which side will be victorious in the end! Both sides are claiming that the “Grass is greener on their side” yet only one can be true and that truth is easily recognized. Christ loves us, cares for us, wants us to be happy, and wants to help us so we can help ourselves and others. Aside from the countless blessings and gifts he gives us are a living Prophet to inspire and lead us. He also offers us gifts like the Priesthood and the Holy Ghost. These gifts help us with understanding and help us reach our potential. Of all the gifts, signs, and aids he gives to us, the most telling of them all is the atonement itself. That single act, the greatest act that has ever, or will ever take place was done for each of us.  Our Master, our Capitan, our Leader, our Teacher, our Example literally sacrificed his life for you and I. Read that again, the very creator of the world, the Savior himself, perfect in every way died for you and I. THAT is love. That is courage, sacrifice, love and understanding and that is the type of leader I want to follow. In this battle however, that is exactly opposite to the type of conniving leader that Satan in. Rather than sacrifice himself he’d rather throw any and all “under the bus”. He hasn’t, nor would he ever do anything to uplift or help anyone, not even those he attempts to lure to his own side! He wants to use us, trap us, force us, enslave us, and snare us in his grip under the false advertisement of fun, good times, the easy way out, or the more socially accepted thing to do.

So the question is where are we “migrating” to? Are we being unrelenting and productive like the Salmon towards the greater good until our time comes? Are we using and utilizing every gift and ability that we are able to, to insure that we stay on the right team and enhance our team’s abilities? Are we giving everything we have to God? Are we migrating to the “correct pasture”? Are we avoiding the pitfalls, being careful and attentive to avoid the snares the adversary places before us to entrap up to stop us from reaching our goals? Or, are we like the hair on my head. Migrating toward the “ears” and “noses” of life realizing or not realizing they are filled with only empty treasures. After all, the only “treasures” ever found in ears and noses are blobs of earwax and boogers. Contrast that to the mansions and treasures we know are in Heaven. Let us strive to be faithful servants. Let us check our “migratory pattern” and insure that it leads to the “greener grass” which God’s presides over and resides in.