Thursday was my 15th anniversary and so this post will veer from my usual fare…Its a little something I came up with for my wife.

Hidden Kingdom

Her Hidden Kingdom few can see,
because they fail to look.
To blinded eyes, her status hides,
Concealed, as is a book.

Her hidden kingdom thrives within
The walls of divine make,
Protecting, loving, nurturing,
Partnering to create.

Her hidden kingdom strengthens all,
Who pass within its sphere.
Who feel the power of her love,
That quells the fire of fear.

Her hidden kingdom grows in glory,
Each year that passes by,
More light, more love,
truth from above,
Received from Him on high.

Her queenly crown rests on her head
The symbol of her reign.
It shows to all who’s eyes are clear
The glory she’s obtained.

Upon her crown four golden spires
Reach upward nigh to God,
Like tender plants whose roots are deep,
In nutritious gospel sod.

Each spire unique and beautiful,
Each different – yet the same,
Each one reflects the light they’re giv’n
Each one, from God they came.

And in these spires of golden make
Rest diamonds all therein,
Reflecting 15 shades of bright,
Revealing what’s within-

Her heart, is where she shines the most,
And with each passing year,
The shades of bright intensify,
And seem to draw more near-

To God himself, who sits on high,
Directing us below,
She is a queen, she is MY queen,
And with her- I will go.

Until her hidden kingdom,
No longer shielded from outside,
Gives light and glory endlessly,
No longer veiled inside.

A kingdom open, fair, and bright,
For all to see and praise-
Her princes, and her princesses,
In truth and light did raise.

To soon be kings and queens themselves,
With crowns of Godly light,
To grow in strength and power
Shed weakness, toil, and plight.

Then all shall wonder, and shall see,
The queen she’s grown to be,
No longer hid inside, book closed,
But plain, praised openly.

Then all will comprehend her place,
What glory, love and grace,
The light reflecting in her crown,
Is light from God’s own face.

For all God’s light, and truth, and love,
Within her all shall see,
And wonder praise and glory give,
Queen of MY family.

She is my queen, She is my life,
For her I hope to be,
A worthy king, Her worthy king,
Throughout eternity.