When it comes to total abandonment of fashion sense Superman outdoes even my 3 year old. For decades this Symbol of power and justice has defied fashion logic entirely and chosen not only to wear tights, but also to reverse the traditional relationship between underwear and pants. Maybe he does it because he knows he’s that awesome. Maybe he’s actually super dyslexic and doesn’t realize he’s doing it. Maybe that’s the traditional way of dress on his native planet Krypton (although he was raised in Smallville Kansas) and maybe I’m showing how nerdy I am right now by starting my article out with Superman facts, but despite all his imperfections (or what I perceive to be imperfections) he was one of my heroes growing up. I pretended to be him on plenty of occasions. I had a makeshift cape, I fought imaginary bad guys and at one point I even tried to wear my underwear over my shorts. As a matter of fact, I was born in the front seat of a car as opposed to in a hospital bed. (not quite Krypton but the best I could do with two mortal parents).

There is something else unique about Superman. Most superheroes are regular people whose disguises transform them into their Superhero alto ego. Superman on the other hand IS his true identity. His disguise and alter ego is Clark Kent the mild mannered, clumsy, freelance employee at the Dailey planet. As we all know Superman blends in as Clark Kent until danger is amiss and then he retreats to a closet, phone booth, or somewhere discreet and busts out ready to deliver a beat down to the bad guys as the 6-packed, perfect haired Superman.

My point with this ramble is this. Everyone knows who Superman is. Everyone knows what his morals and standards are and where his heart lies. He immediately uplifts those around him and brings hope. They know he wants the best for them and wants everyone to be happy and safe. Being born in Kyrpton yet living on Earth Superman truly lives the saying “Be in the world, but not of the world”. Thinking about it, Superman is a pretty awesome guy. On the other hand… no one knows who Clark Kent really is or what he stands for. He blends in and gives no impressions on who he really is or what he stands for. No one knows what he believes or where his intentions are. However, Clark Kent’s standards are every bit as high as Supermans because of course they are one and the same person! So that then leads to the question which is the title of the article. Are we Superman or Clark Kent?

Like Superman do people know who we are and what we stand for? Do we personally by our words, our actions and our deeds show people, whether they know us or not see that we stand for truth, righteousness, love, hope, and peace? Do we aspire to inspire others to do good, to be good and to be the best person they can be? Do we attempt to follow one of my favorite sayings by Ghandi “Be the change you want in the world”? Are we a force for good? Can we be counted on by the Lord? Or, on the other hand are we like Clark Kent? Do we simply blend in? Do we keep ourselves and our stance quiet in this world which is in obvious and rapid decline!? Do we allow people to make their own assumptions on who or what we are? Do we give them reason to doubt what we stand for? Or do we, or will we now choose to make a stand?

The truth is, we are constantly showing who we are. So yes, I’m basically saying that in a way we’re all like Superman… which is awesome! Whether we know it or not, whether we are aware or not, whether we are even trying or not, we are constantly showing and proving who we are at all times to people around us. People across the office, at the post office, across the parking lot, at the stop light, in the next line over at the checkout line could be paying attention to you. How we treat others, our spouse, our children reveals our true character. That is something we cannot hide nor should we want or need to hide it! Are we being the best person we know how to be? Are we proud of our character? Are we letting it shine? Does our character speak for us when we cannot?

If we’re not, and even if we are our Heavenly Father can help us magnify who we are to an even higher degree. He can and will help us become the best person we can be. His gospel can change our lives and add happiness and joy, love and peace. It can provide comfort in times of turmoil and can help give us guidance and hope. The Gospel of Christ is something that I love. It is something that has helped me tremendously in life and I’m sure will continue to help me in the days and years to come. I hope that we can all become more like Christ and be proud to show our character as it aligns with the Character of the Master. He is here to help us, he always has been, and always will be.