Its funny how discussions can pull memories and thoughts from the recesses of your brain.  A recent discussion on both the awesome feats of some seldom talked about prophets and the ability of speak with a voice of thunder has had me thinking of these scriptures for the last few days.

I frequently share these verses with new missionaries, especially those who are learning a new language.  They were introduced to me during my second week in the MTC as a gentle reminder of what can happen when we trust in our Heavenly Father and give our best.  We (my district of elders) were expressing frustration while learning Spansih and doubting that we would ever be really effective.  In response to our lack of faith, our instructor wrote these scriptures on the board for us to read and study.  We left that class with a newfound optimism and determination.

Soon my youngest sister will be tackling a very difficult language.  She will work hard, and she will excel.  For those days when things don’t come as easily as you’d like, remember you are not alone in struggling to find your voice – but also remember that you can and will.  You just have to get a little help.
Moses 6:27, 31, 34 >>> Moses 7:13