Tree Sapling

For those of you like me, who weren’t blessed with the natural ability to be a morning person, you understand me when I say some mornings, I not only look like, but I act like, and feel like a zombie. The bags under my eyes are so big and heavy that Delta would charge extra for them If I was booking a flight. My early morning reflexes are in a different time zone and covered in molasses… all while there may be a little drool sneaking out the corner of my mouth. Yes, I think we all agree my wife is a lucky woman.

After a quick shower though, I’m usually “awake” and back in reality. I hop in the car as drive to work. There has been days though where on my commute there has been nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds blowing across my mind. Other days, I’ve already become “busy” and I’m analyzing or working on things mentally for work. Some day’s I’ll listen to music or an audio book. Yet other days I find myself in totally pointless debates like who would be a better stand up comedian between Chris Farley and Sponge Bob Squarepants.

My point with all this is: all too often on my morning commute or in everyday life I miss a perfect opportunity to relax my mind, clear my mind, quiet the noise of life, and focus on the Savior. Lately as I’ve been focusing more on makign that a priority, I’ve found myself circling back to the same simple thought and understanding:

It’s so easy, to be so busy, that we overlook how beautiful life is.

Does that mean our life has to be perfect to be beautiful? No. Does that mean our situation is what we’d like it to be? No. Does that mean we can’t work and be busy? No.

It simply means taking a moment to let the REAL reality sink in. It’s as simple as takign a moment to allow yourself to see the miracles all around you. To take a moment to see the beauty in others, and how blessed we all are. It’s taking a moment to feel God’s love for you. Suddenly it’s easy to “count your many blessings” and “name them one by one”.

I’ve also found it interesting how many lessons we can learn from the most common of God’s creations. For me, as funny as it sounds, i’ve found one the best examples on how to live life comes from somthing as simple and common as: A Tree.


The Little Seed

For God so Loved the World, that he gave His only Begotten Son,

In his infinite love for us, that’s not the extent of what he’s done.

He created our flesh and blood, gave us Temples to house our soul,

We’re each proof of his divinity, and testament to our Father’s role.

He allowed us the opportunity, to live and learn upon this earth,

To grow and strive and struggle, to prove our individual worth.

Yet all too often in this life, we forget just why we’re here,

We forget to stop or breathe it in, or prioritize what we should hold dear.

Yet life through Heaven’s eyes, suddenly makes everything so clear,

Heaven once so far away, for a moment feels so near.

Suddenly lessons appear around us, examples plain to see,

Of faith, and trust, and focus, shown by every single tree.

Each strong and mighty tree now standing, was once a tiny seed,

With nothing more than hope and faith, and determination to succeed.

Each seed starts life in different soils, locations and conditions,

Yet all so full of life and energy, drive, focus and ambition.

The seed first thrusts it roots down deep, to establish a firm foundation,

Only then can its small leaves reach for Heaven, it’s only desire in its creation.

Nourished by the sun and rain, the season forgiving and so kind,

The little seed grows stronger, taller and more defined.

The little seeds wants nothing more, than to be tall, mighty and strong!

Heaven knows this and has a plan, it’s been the plan all along.

Then unexpected by the little seed, the days continually grow colder,

The Sun seems to have hidden its light, the season away turns its shoulder.

The elements now combine their fury, against the little seed,

Howling winds, and snow preside, as the little seed gives plead.

Yet the sky seems dark and gives little aid, as snow now blankets the ground,

Comfort, warmth, and light seem gone, instead cold winds and storms abound.

Refusing to concede this fight, though it’s situation not ideal,

The little seed instead digs deeper! With all its might and zeal!

Its little roots grow stronger daily, all its energy focused on its foundation,

For the seed knows the Sun will come again, and that day will be jubilation!

Then one day the Sun appeared, from behind the clouds,

Only then the seed saw his shadow tall, he was now a sapling proud!

It was then the little seed realized, the Heavens are so wise!

The trials it had faced, were simply blessings in disguise!

Now years and years gone by, the wise and mighty tree has learned,

Not every day or even season easy, but eventually back they turned!

Just because the skies are dark, and snow freezes the ground us beside,

Doesn’t mean you are forsaken, or alone in the world you abide.

It’s in the bitter cold, and strongest winds you find,

They are what make you strong, it’s according to design,

For the tree can only grow as high, as its roots grow deep,

It’s foundation the most important thing, the main priority to keep.