1493Rising Up

For years the lie circled in my mind, hiding the truth it didn’t want me to find,

To who I was it made me blind, it kept my thoughts always confined,

To keep me down and continue the heist, until the moment I found Christ,

Then little by little, it cracked my wall, though brick by brick, I’d placed them all

Christ’s light crept in to my soul within, to shake it loose from the chains therein

Until the truth exploded free! it showed me who and what I could be!

Bursting and shattering what I thought I knew! Expanding my entire view!

Breaking through and starting anew, my worth no longer hidden askew

No more limits, no more fear, no more darkness will dwell here!

It starts now! My place is here, on this earth, Its’ now so clear!

OUR day is here, OUR time is now, to disavow and disallow,

The darkness that has until now, held its ground and held you down,

Show your strength, and bring YOUR light, let it roar like a lion with all your might!

To force the tide right back around, darkness will crumble to the ground,

The very thing that once held you bound, light a match and burn it down!

You’ve found your fire! You’ve found yourself, you’ve placed fear into fear itself!

That’s the truth and that’s the way, that’s the power WE can convey!

To evil’s dismay we display, that we stand fearless, and we’re here to stay!

We will not move, we will not sway, in truth we stay and Christ obey

You’ve done it before, now do it again, lets rage war against evil and sin!

The first battle was won, now onward relentless, forward forever until we are breathless!

So fight this fight, to help everyone to see, that we are the lock and Christ is the key

To unlock more for you and me, than what we know and currently see,

He is, and was, and ever will be, the strength and power for you and me

He’s the Master and he’s the way, he’s the hope in every day,

In every way, he lights the way, with him I’ll stay and never stray,

Until the end when I see his face, and we embrace, and all pains erase,

Because through his grace, I’ll be home again, and my life can truly begin!