No matter what is happening in our world, or even in our own neighborhoods, or communities, we can be safe. Its hard to believe sometimes given the nature of our enemies. Real safety isn’t a mortal achievement at all, but an eternal one. Once we realize that our lives don’t really start  when we are born, nor end when we die, we can see with the proper perspective to understand this.

Sometimes it seems like we are living in a modern day movie of history repeating itself. If that is so, lets look to what our ancient forefathers did to keep themselves safe, or what they didn’t do to bring on their demise.

In the scriptures, we learn that our modern difficulties will only increase, times will be harder, and evil will grow in scope, and power. We need to be able to recognize what is really happening all around us, and not repeat the same mistakes that so many throughout history have made- the mistake of forgetting God. We cannot forget who we are, why we are here, and in whom we must rely to find real safety, and real peace.


The Crumbling Walls of Stone

The walls of stone around us built by hands of mortal make,
have claimed to offer solace from dark storm, strong wind, and quake.

Protecting from our foes without, this shelter here inside,
constructed by the hands of those who fought, and bled, and died.

And for these many years have stood, sustained by God alone,
As men within these walls have knelt before our Maker’s throne.

But now, dark forces in and out, relentlessly conspire,
to weaken all these stones, by fear, and flame of dragon fire.

For not all men within now kneel before the strength and pow’r,
of Him whose hand would strengthen all in desperation’s hour.

Now as the walls around us fall, and enemies abound,
He still extends His call to us, His safety can be found,

And we can be untouched by flying shards of rending stone,
To walk in peace and safety- even though we walk alone,

And as our father Alma walked with pow’r from prison rent,
So can we, if we rely, on Him who Father sent.

These great walls, sustained by God, now stand all on their own,
Relying on the strength of men, and crumbling ancient stone.

Are we now ready, in our hearts, to face the world outside?
To kneel, to walk, and stand alone, and in the Lord confide?

Come feel His warming love, and light, that neither fades nor dims!
Petition his eternal peace that comes through faith in Him!

Though enemies deride, and tempests beat before our face,
Our souls can stand fulfilled, instilled, with everlasting grace!