If Forest Gump was an avid reader of our blog, I’m pretty sure his famous quote would have actually been “This blog is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. This post is no exception. As much as I’d like to say the following poem is a newly discovered, never before seen, unpublished work found in Dr. Seuss’s old sock drawer about his conversion to the LDS faith… it’s not. I will also admit that I’ve spent probably too much time thinking about what Dr. Seuss’s conversion story would look like if it actually existed. So, having explained all that, welcome to the artificial LDS conversion story of Dr. Seuss. (that he never wrote!) Yepper, expect the unexpected on this blog.

I hear a knock at my door, two young men there? Tell me more!

“I am Sam”, “and I am too, we’ve come to bring the Gospel to you”!

This Mormon church? I haven’t searched, I do not know this Mormon Church.

In my hands, by and by, a book or Mormon?  I don’t know why.

I will read it, I will spy, to see why, you brought it by.

As I read, I learned why! I know why, you two brought it by!

The truth is here, in this book! Just read its pages come and look!

I can read it here or there! I can read it anywhere!

I love to read it night and day, and read what all the prophets say.

I feel the spirit here and there! I can feel it anywhere!

As I read and do by part, grows 3 sizes does my heart!

I know it’s true, and so can you! I know I do, do you know too?

It makes me happy, it makes me smile, I want to go the extra mile!

It’s changed my life, and will change yours! It opens eyes, hearts and doors.

My testimony though still growing, is like a seed I’m now still sowing.

Can I share it with anyone! I can share it with everyone!

With the tall and with the small, I’ll share with them one and all!

I can share it here or there, I can share it anywhere!

I can share it with all I meet, the ones I see on Mulberry Street!

I can share it at my job, with my crazy boss named Bob.

I can share it with a Cat, a rhyming cat who wears a hat!

I can share it in a box, with a fox wearing socks,

I can share it on a plane, in the rain, or on a train!

I can share it at the game, during the stretch in the 7th frame,

I can be the Lord’s tool, If I live the golden rule!

I can be an example too, to be like Christ in all I do.

For we are all his “sneetches”, and to us he teaches,

Stars on thars, or stars on ours, walking slow or driving cars,

We need to love, one and all, for a person is a person, no matter how small!

This wacky Wednesday, the Gospel  seek, or seek it every day this week!

Today’s the day to fill your cup, today is a great day for up!

For that is where Christ will take you, he can change you to brand new!

Oh the places that you’ll go, you CAN come to know!

With the Gospel, come join me! You will love it! You will see!

That’s my mission and my goal, to live with God and be made whole!

Aside from trying to squeeze as many of Dr. Seuss’s books, phrases, or characters slyly in there, I really wanted you to notice above all else the attitude of the character once he’s converted. He can’t help but live it, spread it, share it, and love it. He understands that he can share it with anyone, anywhere, at any time, in fact, he doesn’t even limit his sharing the Gospel to humans. He fully plans on dropping it on a couple animals too. Dude is a missionary for sure! He doesn’t plan on reserving his testimony to those only in his ward, and only on fast Sunday. He understands his testimony and this gospel isn’t to be a light under a bushel… unless of course the intention is to light the entire bushel on fire to spread the light even more! Let’s do the best we can to follow his example.

I know it. I live it. I love it.