How is it when I close my eyes, that I better see?

For that is when they truly open, to a greater degree.

How is it when I am alone, I know that I am not?

For that is when they encircle me, after their protection I’ve sought.

How is it when the words aren’t mine, I have so much to say?

When my hands are placed upon a head, and Heaven’s message then convey.

How is it when I tremble weak, I always feel so strong?

For that is when I can sense, heaven pushing me along.

How is it when my mind is empty, it’s completely filled?

For that is when I learn the most, and knowledge in me instilled.

How is it that my two mites, far exceed the greater sum,

and the more I give away, the richer I become?

How is it that the Spirit whispers, yet can overcome the loudest sounds?

It’s never seen by the eye, yet can be felt all around.

How is it when I kneel so low, I can reach so high?

Although I’m on the very ground, I reach beyond the sky.

How is it faith is free, yet worth far more than Gold?

Earned in many places, yet it cannot be sold.

How is it Heaven so far away, is so very near?

When I enter God’s Holy House, and my mind becomes so clear.

How is it when I’m giving, I’m truly just receiving?

The greater gift goes to the giver, and it strengthens my own believing.

How is it when I lose myself, I am also the most found?

For when I lose myself in God, I am anchored safe and sound.

How is it when I look outward, I see what lies inside?

I feel the words and love of Christ, and feel him close beside.

How is I’m so incomplete, yet completely whole,

filled with flaws and empty, yet completely full.

How is it that when I let go, I’m securing holding on?

When I heed his call to go, from the comfort I stand upon.

How is it that the more I feast, the greater that I hunger?

The words and lessons deeper now, than when I was younger.

How is the simple complicated, and a mystery to some?

While to others it makes perfect sense, and answers freely come?

How is it that the answers lay, standing within the very questions?

How is it this leftward logic, is often the right direction?

How is it that for you and I, what allows us to stand tall,

was a successful failure, result from history’s greatest fall.

How is it this fall allowed for death, yet also allowed for birth,

this fall the only way we prove, our worth upon this earth.

How is it that our Savior lived, just so that he could die?

This Lion as a lamb did come, to secure hope for you and I.

To me it seems to be, if we are open and perceive,

we realize Heaven is just the opposite, of how this world believes.

So our duty here on Earth, is to spread God’s truth and love,

so we can live here below, like they do above.