Mother’s Day

Your “Mother” job demands your time,
To hear the cries, the screams, and whines.
“I’m hungry, Mom!”, “What can I do?”
“Wasn’t me!”, “Where’s my shoe?”

“Can I have some?”, “Mom!, come-ere!,”
These never ending sounds you hear,
The never ending time you spend…..
Yet, still, you hope it never ends!?

For, somehow, placed inside your heart,
Is strength to understand your part
In heaven’s plan to raise the ones
He’s lent- two daughters and two sons.

Who idolize and comprehend
Your sacrifice to this great end,
And will someday be overcome
With gratitude for what you’ve done.

As I am now, for I can see
The strength you are for them and me.
Your gift was sent from high above
A pure display of mother’s love.

I Love You Catie! Happy Mother’s Day!