Embark for Him

A mighty ship before us lies in harbor, patiently,
Needing crew and captains too, before it sets to sea.
It’s destination? Beautiful, Celestial, peaceful rest,
It’s journey long, through weather strong, and sea so treacherous-

That all aboard will question why we chose this ship at all?
For waves of fierce resistance come, hoping we will fall,
They’ll beat relentless on the bow, with pounding wind and rain,
forcing us to doubt if we will see the land again.

And in that hour of dark and dread – Remember! Hold on tight!
Our promise made, to serve with strength, to give our heart and might,
We’ll serve our Captain, do His will, our Father’s aid implore,
So that blameless we will stand upon the Heavenly shore,

For Christ has paid our ransom, and our fare upon this sea,
He guides us through the wind and rain, and shields us carefully,
And asks that we return His love, and His commands obey,
Embark for Him. Draw near to Him, and in His arms we’ll stay.

See Doctrine and Covenants 4:2