This post is brought to you by the physical abuse that Casey and his family has endured at the hand of this ‘mild’ New England winter.  No one should ever have to spend 3 hours of his or her day off shoveling snow.  The plow and I now have a very healthy love/hate relationship.  Now I know why Dad was always complaining about the plow coming by and burying the mailbox…

For the last week I have not been able to get this thought out of my head: It is wicked cold outside, but the falling snow is so beautiful.  At times, this thought is replaced by another thought: Shoveling snow is not fun, but the fresh snow blanketing the streets is so beautiful.  These thoughts continue: (Insert negative aspect of snow and winter), but (insert positive aspect of snow and winter). After clearing the driveway of snow I look at the 6-foot tall drifts and huge piles of snow and think about how fun it would be to build a super elaborate snow subway system.

Another benefit of having 6 feet of snow in the last 2 weeks is the opportunity to serve others.  My neighbors have helped us shovel snow a number of times.  It is awesome to know that you are cared for – even through a simple gesture.  My home teaching companion and I were able to shovel the driveway of a man that we have been assigned to.  He has given us the run around at church for the last 3 weeks and has not allowed us into his home, yet.  But service has a way of softening hearts and I think that is our golden ticket.  Service is awesome*.  He can no longer deny that he is looked after.  He knows that there are people close that are willing to help should he need anything.  Plus, I don’t want him to have a heart attack in his driveway when I can have a heart attack in his driveway instead.

See…  Snow can be pretty great.  At least that’s what I tell myself – and I’m convinced.

We have recently been counseled to be an appraiser instead of an inspector, and to see the Gospel in everything around us.  Tikes, what awesome advice, thank you.  The snow, like the gospel, can be a hard thing, or it can be a source of wonder and inspiration.  It can be cold, harsh, and rigid, or it can be a source of joy.  It really depends on our attitude and effort.  What we put into it is what we get out of it.

This applies globally.  It could be the weather, or work, or those around us.  When we look for the good, we see it.  When we look for the bad, it becomes obvious.  The problem is, when we don’t look for the good, the adversary often brings the bad to us for free.  It may be subtle, but what better way to discourage or darken our day than to supply thoughts of a cold and dreary world, when in reality, it is filled with beauty and wonder – we just have to look for it.  How often have we read, “seek and ye shall find?”  Lets look for the good and smile when we see it.  It may help others do the same.


*An additional thought on service (apart from Mosiah 2:17):

“Service is not something we endure on this earth so we can earn the right to live in the celestial kingdom.  Service is the very fiber of which an exalted life in the celestial kingdom is made.  Knowing that service is what gives our Father in Heaven fulfillment, and knowing that we want to be where He is and as He is, why must we be commanded to serve one another? “  — Marion G Romney