Chapter 5

Toa also drew upon the power of his kin,

intent to know the purpose of the fire that burned within,

His brothers younger, yet had cleared his eyes of darkened veil

that shrouded understanding of the purpose life entails.

For he, like others, was not free from dragon flame and char,

His arms and hands were fire scorched, across his face, a scar.

Reminding him of claw and flame, of daggers, dragon’s breath,

Relentless fire and darts that flew, to bring about his death.

But with him stood amidst the fire, Aroha she was named,

Deflected onslaught just enough, survived the dragon flame.

Her name interpreted meant “love”, displayed in full that day,

without her intervening hand’s inspiring display.

From that day hence, his ire was stoked, white flame would not go out,

Refined his weapons were at last, from fire within and out.

His anger, built of animus towards darkness, mist of night,

His sword appeared, and differed from the swords of flame and light.

His blade, pitch black obsidian, the handle made of bone,

serrated teeth of jaguar fang, embedded shards of stone,

Was meant to break, and tear, and cleave, dismantle and to maim.

Hence, “Marrow Spiller” it was called, its purpose in its name.

He also wielded smaller knife, a dagger hid from view,

concealed within small hidden sheath, blade of dark green hue,

His dagger named the “Death Bringer”, for ultimate the fate,

of those who fight against the light, the dragon emulate.

The handle, hardened ivory, from ancient tusk was made,

secured the blade so thin and sharp, transluscent polished jade.

Its touch was final, terminal, as referenced in its name,

its purpose to defeat the heat of dragon fire and flame.

And though without, appearance was, of anger, rage, and ire,

within him was the gentle flame of love that was inspired,

His wife, Aroha, fed that flame, and fueled it with her hand,

to point him, focused, when he stood and fought across the land.

For loyalty, fierce honor, and commitment was the fuel,

that fed his drive, prepared his heart, for work, it was his tool.

Her key was matched so perfectly, into his fit as one,

For her steadfast unending love, could never be undone.