Some stories never get old – and the Christmas story is one of those stories.  It seems like every year, we forget how amazing of a story it really is.

The month of December starts today.  It is the month that the world celebrates the birth of our Savior by gathering as friends and families and by giving gifts to those we love.  It’s also the month that we listen to Christmas music and get reminded of silent nights, holy nights, drummer boys, angels singing from on high, peace on earth, joy to the earth, glorias, bleak midwinters, manger stalls, carols of bells, noels, hallelujahs, gleaming stars, merry gentlemen, midnight clears, Judea’s plains, and David’s city.  Each of which remind us of a small child wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.  It is a month when the world tries to share a little more love, a little more peace, a little more joy, and is generally a little more humbled by the amazing Christmas story.

We – the writers of this blog – are therefore focusing each entry this month on this amazing story.  The story that is the birth of the most amazing story of all.   We hope that the entries this month will help you feel the true spirit of Christmas, and the true reason for all of us celebrating the greatest gift that has ever been given.