John 6:9

“There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?”



The Seed

I am but a small seed, with no worth, it seems to me,
I am one, amongst the many, like one drop in a vast sea.
Insignificant my calling in this world with some so great,
What worth am I? I am so small. What difference can I make?

I’m now a stalk of barley, blowing softly in the breeze,
I’m one amid the millions more, anonymous it seems,
What difference can I make? No one even knows my name,
I’m just a tiny speck engulfed upon this windy plain.

I’m now a grain of meal, even smaller than before,
I’ve lost the sight of sun and sky, I can’t feel them anymore.
I’ve been cut down, and pounded, made into a formless mass,
And left alone, now in the dark, I fear my time has passed.

I’m now inside a fire that seems to change me from within,
I am still small, but somehow know that value lies herein.
I’m now amid four other loaves, and packed inside a sack,
But once again, I’m hid away, upon this young lad’s back.

I’m now called out to lay beside two fishes and I hear,
The words the Master speaks to me, He tells me why I’m here.
He blessed me to fulfill the call, to which I was ordained,
And after He has touched me, I know that I am changed.

I’ve now sustained 5000 mouths, 12 bushels now remain,
But only with the Master’s touch, for me He did sustain.
For with His hand He orchestrates our lives that we now lead,
He magnifies, and sanctifies, and nurtures each small seed.

When we receive callings, sometimes we feel as if we are the exact wrong person for the job. We feel inadequate and unprepared to fulfill what we, in our own minds, think that call may entail. But, we need to have trust and faith, that the Lord is the one doing the real work behind us, and that we just need to put our feet where they are supposed to be. Its ok to feel like the small barley seed, but at the same time realize that we can eventually feed 5000, and have 12 bushels leftover, if we but rely on, and are “touched” by Him.